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How it all got started ...
Welcome to my site, QuartetMatchUp.com. Finding a quartet to sing with can be frustrating. When I joined my chorus, I started looking to sing in a quartet. Quartetting is strongly encouraged in our district and in our chorus. Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought.

After 3 attempts to try to create a quartet from our own chorus singers I asked the Membership VP if there was a bulletin board where interested people could 'sign up' to say they wanted to join a quartet. The answer was 'well you just have to hunt around, make yourself known and maybe eventually you'll get into a quartet.' Sound familiar!

When looking for my latest job and browsing job boards I realized that quartets looking for singers, and singers looking for quartets was just like a job board where companies are looking for people to hire. So the idea for QuartetMatchUp.com was born.

Please take advantage of my site. I'm offering it at no charge because of my love of singing and my hope that QuartetMatchUp.com will help more people sing in quartets. And by the way, if you need a bass for your quartet, look me up on the site. I'm a registered user and still looking to sing with a quartet.

Thank you and good luck searching,
David Wiener, Webmaster and inspiration for
'The place where singers and Barbershop Quartets can match up.'