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View Profile - Rae Watney (Tetrafonica)
We are a: Mixed Barbershop Quartet
Located in City
Prov/State, Country:
Bristol, UK, Great Britain
Distance: ??? km
Last Visit to Site: Over 1 year ago
Organization: BABS - British Association of Barbershop Singers (Men)
Been singing
together for:
Quartet experience: Competed at District
Looking for a: Male (Lead)
With music
reading ability:
Can follow music
About us:  Tetrafonica are seeking a new lead for their mixed barbershop quartet. After a year out we are looking to return to competition for the 2017 BinH Mixed Quartet contest. Sadly Jake has left us, so we are (ideally) looking for a new strong and confident male lead to fill the gap. We would consider other voice parts or a female singer, but our preference is to keep to a 2:2 gender mix. Current bari has a two octave range from the E below middle C - so ideally a voice that can match close to that would be the best fit (male tenor from SATB???). Rehersals are primarily in Bristol on Sundays (approximately fortnightly but with some flexibility).